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Doug Keyes (Singer-Songwriter)

"If you’ve been around the Houston music scene for the last several years, you already know what a special talent and gentleman Chip Oliphant is. If you like the blues of SRV, Clapton, BB King, the soul of Motown, the energy of Western Swing, the uplifting grandeur and class of the big band sound, all topped off with beautiful genuine love songs, then come out and take the chance to feel those things again and participate in something special. Chip is an amazing writer, arranger, composer and entertainer. Mark down the (show) dates and find a way to make it. You won’t be sorry! You’re welcome!!!"


"You’ve GOT to go to one of Chip’s shows! He covers a great mix of Country, Southern Rock, and Blues Rock with a hint of bayou swamp influence. Chip brings A LOT of energy to the stage; and his five piece band put(s) on a Fantastic show!!!"

Clint Stoerner (Public Figure)

"If you’re in the Houston area & love live music, find my dude, Chip Oliphant. If you’re looking to add live music, acoustic or full band, to an event, this is your guy. Tell him what you want & he’ll leave it all on the stage, 100% guaranteed."

Jeff Canada (Singer-Songwriter/performing artist)

"Hey y’all, go give my dude Chip Oliphant Music a like (on Facebook). This dude is incredible. One of my favorite local artist(s). You won’t be disappointed!!"


Chip, thanks for joining us, excited to have you contributing your stories and insights. Learning the craft is often a unique journey from every creative – we’d love to hear about your journey and if knowing what you know now, you would have done anything differently to speed up the learning process.


Gotta Love Texas Music Podcast

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